Download It Chapter Two 2019 Moviesjoy Full Movie Review

Download It Chapter Two 2019 Moviesjoy Full Movie Review

Director: Andy Muschietti

Writers: Gary Dauberman, Stephen King

Stars: Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader

The premiere of "It" in 2017, showed that the film adaptations of the novels can work if they are at the service of its history and highlight the most important elements to transform them into a new product and that it works in parallel to its original source, particularly if the adaptation is from a work of acclaimed writer Stephen King. The commercial success of that production caused surprise by working on terror from a new perspective and, at the same time, adding a much darker and riskier tone. The treatment of the "Losers Club" and its setting in the eighties turned the charismatic characters into the center of a story that mixed terror and drama, with Pennywise's clown as an antagonistic force.

The second part of "It" is installed 27 years after the incident involving a group of preteens and the mysterious clown known as Pennywise. Now, a group of adults must return to face the mysterious creature that stalks the city of Derry, so they must remain united to overthrow the evil clown force.

The first part of this adaptation focused on the group of preteens and how their personal problems had united them as a group of friends and, in that way, they were able to face the nightmare that meant the appearance of Pennywise and the dark moments they had. deal. However, twenty-seven years have passed since that event and the majority of the group has moved from Derry, so the memories of that moment seem blurry and almost non-existent, highlighting the presence of the place to channel the clown's threat that almost ended its lives The promise to meet again if he appeared again is still alive, and it is the call of one of the members of the group that never moved out of the city that caused the clan to meet again. Watch Moviesjoy Free Movies Online HD quality at your Home.

The first third of the film focuses on telling us how the life of each one of them has progressed, and that is when the first glimpse of reflection is present, because as spectators we are aware of what happened to them almost thirty years ago, but The Involuntary amnesia that meant getting away from the place has everyone in a state where the trauma is latent and about to explode. Using flashbacks and the story they gathered, they can assemble the missing pieces to understand the origin of a hidden and bleak trauma.

For this dialogue between past and present to be fruitful, there is a group of actors capable of representing the versions we already knew of the characters when they were much younger. And that transcendental element is one of the strengths of this second chapter, since the interpretation of each one allows to expand the personality of the members of the group and offers a much more complex version of the way in which each one faces their fears, memories . and secrets

In addition to the reflection against traumas and memories, the film explores the idea of ​​staying together to end the evil that lurks, reiterating the concept of friendship and union that helped them in the past. In this way, the film experiences its history between situations in which the characters roam alone for their memories and fears. These situations serve as a pretext to expose them to terror sequences where fear jumps and blood come together to delve into terrifying scenes where the promise of a horror tape is fully fulfilled.

However, unlike its predecessor, there is a tonal change in comedy, which is much more exacerbated and, although it helps to release tension, it breaks with the most terrifying proposal established in its first part, leaving the influence of horror tapes and comedy of the eighties flood the screen with moments that mix terror and funny exchanges between the characters.

The unnecessary extension of the footage makes "It: Chapter 2" lose strength as it progresses, extending even its end, which suffers when divided into small parts. And although Gary Dauberman's script explores every hidden corner, it also tends to explain moments and themes that are told visually in a subtle way. This great adaptation separated into two parts reveals the complexity of bringing a sales success to the cinema, so that, thanks to the direction of Andy Muschietti, he succeeds in the most frightening moments. Being impossible to separate this sequel from its predecessor, there is a small decrease in the treatment of this second part, although it works correctly as a closure to the history of "Losers Club" and Pennywise.

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Download It Chapter Two 2019 Moviesjoy Full Movie Review


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