Avengers Endgame 2019 Movies joy HD Full Movie Reviews

Avengers Endgame 2019 Movies joy HD Full Movie Reviews

Directors: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Writers: Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely

Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo

The Russo brothers close with an outstanding note their journey through the Marvel superhero films and raise the bar very high for those who now have to follow their steps in the company with Avengers: The final game is guaranteed a privileged place in the story of a new type of film product that was born about ten years ago with the premiere of the first Iron Man movie and closed with total consistency in regard to the characters and their stories with this film.

When talking about a new type of film product, I am referring to the undeniable differences that this film presents with the superhero productions of other studios. Along with the rest of his contributions, Avengers: Endgame ratifies the style, the brand, the essential formula and the sign of identity and personality of the Marvel superhero productions, differentiating them from the superheroes managed by other studios.And they lead the market in their field at a level difficult to reach by other companies.

Also, subject to take into account, in Moviesjoy Avengers Endgame is the Marvel production in which they have left the most polite actors so that they can work their characters at a dramatic level differentiated from the action sketches we have seen in other productions of the company. . I refer directly to the first time I see Scarlett Johansson shining as an actress in her Black Widow construction. And the same can be said of the Nebula character. Or the meeting of Mark Ruffalo with a different version of Hulk that also allows him to have an interesting face to face with Tilda Swinton. Even Chris Evans has his moments. And let's not say Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. Or Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye ... Even Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts. As for the distribution, this film is without doubt the one that has allowed the actors to have more options to build the Marvel superheroes beyond the mask, the uniform and the comic joke. And, of course, as I suspected and commented on a video of speculations about this film that you can find on this same page, even Captain Marvel shines more here than just his own movie. Make it clear that you can have a bright future.

It also draws attention in that sense that the Russians have given their actors the opportunity to play their characters in an arc of development that goes from drama to the entanglement of comedy, especially with the displacement they star in a moment of the film in which they also play. Meeting trick. It is as if the Russo had wanted to thank the stars that accompanied them on this trip, giving them the possibility of having more options to show off on the screen at the level of the composition of the character. Thor's case may be, by its lighter tone, misinterpreted as a joke, but then we have his meeting in Asgard to recalibrate that idea and even give him the chance to advance as a character in a way that few followers would have thought.

We must clarify that yes, there are deaths. But the way to solve the cancellation of characters does not play only with death. And one of the deaths will break many reservations that have been made on the subject.Equally, it is necessary to clarify that this film is, as the directors promised, different from the previous one in its tone. He is the most mature in his proposal, in his beginning and development the most solid of all the Avengers. But that does not mean that he renounces being action, spectacle and epic. Quite the contrary. It shines in action, spectacle and epic at levels superior to those of its predecessors. But also in its construction, in everything related to its second act, it is built so that its development arc is not only a chain of action as fast as in the previous film, but some key characters have the opportunity to explore encounters of emotional level and conflict. more complete.

And when the action comes, when the epic arrives, the program overflows on the screen and can make you jump out of the chair with some of the most epic and emotional moments that Marvel has given us.Someone will have to pull a handkerchief and many will trigger a nervous tic when the final battle arrives and the result is a precarious balance of power between the opposite sides ...And then there is the intrigue. And the surprise. The Russians have been able to work with and on the speculations that had been jumping from one side to another among the fans, and have also woven their plot following the track, between jokes and truths, to proposals that have been developed in the comics of These characters in the last times.

It is not this space to reveal this link clearly because it would mean a spoiler, but let's say that they have taken into account commenting on a joke, some of the most controversial points of the Marvel comics of recent years, at the time.

Avengers Endgame 2019 Movies joy HD Full Movie Reviews


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