The Hustle 2019 Movies joy HD Full Movie Reviews

The Hustle 2019 Movies joy HD Full Movie Reviews

Director: Chris Addison

Writers: Stanley Shapiro, Paul Henning 

Stars: Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson, Alex Sharp 

Josephine Chesterfield is the fatal woman with her love life, who acts as an elegant predator, scarifying diamonds and possessions of rich men, who fall in their charm through their inventive combos. On your way you will find Peni Rast, who specializes in micro-boats without strategy, as long as the rapist arrives to overcome them. Josephine will see something in Peni, and together they will create an unclear duo aimed at the property of a billionaire in The Hustle 2019 Moviesjoy.

The Australian Rebel Wilson and the American Anne Hathaway are in it and belong to the best of Hollywood cinema. In their first joint work Glam Girls - Charmingly in love, both now use their strengths and complement each other perfectly. As often, Wilson's style of play has something  Defiant: how he digs up or pushes the lines of dialogue, how he throws confused looks, as if there had never been a rehearsal, and as if everything was he had improvised spontaneously to adapt to his mood; Once again, this has something extremely attractive. In turn, Hathaway is the exact counterpart of this: from her impeccable body control, her pointy performance and the contrast between the fairytale princess aspect and the frozen agenda create an infallible comedy.

The duo has the support of a third party that is almost totally embezzled in the commercialization of Glam Girls, but actually manages to meet with the two stars of the film on equal terms and play a role that could be quite ungrateful, so this figure I would like to get married immediately. Known as the man of the fabulous fear of science fiction How to talk to girls at parties, Alex Sharp is the man who gets caught between the fronts of the fraudsters of Wilson and Hathaway, and treats them all as a triumph. They like. To watch them fight, dance and cheat, fall and rise again.

However, there has not been a film for a long time where the interpretations of the characters and the talent of the cast on the one hand and the nature of the script and the staging on the other side were qualitatively as divergent as in the case of Glam Girls. . Chris Addison is doing well in his first film director to give his trio a lot of freedom. But as soon as the script forces the participants to construct a silly plot, everything stops, until Wilson, Hathaway and Sharp manage to free themselves. Glam Girls is a loose remake of the roguish comedy Two Ravishing Spoiled Rogues (1988), which in turn is based on Two Successful Seducers from the year 1964. That male deception deviates from a female one, while making some clever observations about the treatment and the evaluation of women in our society, is by far the best that can be said about the script. Apart from that, just wait with many failed ideas, some of which are really annoying.

It is narrated by Gawk Penny (Wilson), who buys money from men with strange stories about his fictional sister. When she starts poaching in the precincts of the imposter Josephine (Anne Hathaway), she wants to get rid of them as soon as possible. Josephine agrees after some failures to collaborate with Penny; And so he teaches them the most important tricks. When it comes to re-entering into conflict, the two make a bet: whoever is the first to obtain the fortune of young application developer Thomas (Sharp), can claim the chic area of ​​the French Riviera for themselves.

When Josephine and Penny imitate two extremely different sisters to scare the millionaires ready to marry, and Penny appears as disgusting disgust, it is as unlikely to turn on as the stupid idea that Penny pretends to be a blind man to excite compassion of Thomas. In these passages Glam Girls is unfortunately very bad, a collection of rough and insensitive gags that evaporate merrily. A good animated opening creed and a musically skillful editing sequence that captures Penny's "training" are pretty good; otherwise, the work is based solely on drama and what Wilson, Hathaway and Sharp are doing to their parts through a pinch of look here make a wonderfully contrived laugh. Or give a surprising gesture there. You really want to see this trio again, but in a better movie, either with a carefully written script or just without a script.

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The Hustle 2019 Movies joy HD Full Movie Reviews